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The main character of the sprite comic, "Double-U Tea F" hosted at Lyger Zephronic is a red and black hedgehog with blue jeans. He uses the abilities of the Chaos Energy in his body to fight, but has lost use of his hands since his childhood because of his abusive father. He has three siblings: Naya, Khran, and Kryon. Lyger protects the safety of the planet and the balance of mana from his brother, Kryon, along with the spirit of his grandfather, Denair, and the Mana Goddess, Empreya. Lyger has succeeded to fight alongside the Minsters of the four elements, who happen to be characters from the Sonic franchise. His fight for evil is ever existant and constantly difficult.
Lyger Zephronic is a fearsome opponent.
by Christian Cruz November 22, 2006
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