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1. A fashionable cyclist, whose clothing of choice is lycra.

2. A cyclist whom is unfamiliar with courtesy and often forgets road-rules.

3. A cyclist whom looks down on less fashionable and less-well equipped cyclists.

Plural: A pack of lycrists
Person 1: I came off my bike on my way to work.

Person 2: How come?

Person 1: Damned cyclist pushed me off the side of the road.

Person 2: Lycrists!
by soilduck August 04, 2009
Noun: Describes one who dresses up in Sponsored outfits and takes to the roads every Saturday morning on a bicycle regardless of colour, creed or eligibility for the next Tour de France. often travel in packs. Diet includes Latte's and Sourdough Rye
"Wow, look at all the Lycrists on the road!" Said Igor
by Stefan Pulpitel March 23, 2006
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