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One who is obsessed with the look and feel of lycra. They become mezmorised when they set their creepy little eyes on it. They cannot function without wearing it, touching it, talking about it. NEVER enter relations with anyone who mentions the word, not even once. They force their partners to parade and wear it at every opportunity. It takes over their life, once word gets out everyone will know that person is a LYRAPHILIAC ....

Lycraphiliac : ' hey babe wanna go put those lycra leggins on ?'

Victim : ' which ones? you bought me 2,567 pairs of lycra leggings now you weirdo. For Fucks' sake ! '

Lycraphiliac : ( staring with glazed, wide eyes ) ' Did u just mention the word Lycra & Fuck in the same sentence Princess ? '

Victim : ' Sprints out the door to obtain police injunction asap
by October 23, 2011
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