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To immediately retract an inflamatory statement and say the opposite in order to appease an angry group of people.
"Hey I wish my ex girlfriend would get beaten and raped. Ha, no not really, I was only joking."

"dude, quit luxxing like that"
by johnnyred May 03, 2008
To play a game online for years and never get better. Despite this, continue to act as though you have skill, and trash-talk more than the evergrowing number of players who are, and always will be better than you.

Stagnating skill-wise.
To do a Luxx - Talk shit without having anything to back it up.

"He's Luxxing so hard today" - Getting owned repeatedly, but forgetting this fact and continuing to advertise your evermore dubious skills.
by not invented here May 08, 2005

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