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An offshoot of the sighthound branch of mans best friend, the dog, Lurchers are generally a mix of Greyhound and Collie but pretty much any type of rangy dog will do. A true Lurcher can often be spotted by his inability to resist stealing your dinner when you answer the phone.
My dog Homer; any canine castmember of period drama; ideal companion to Travellers and Crusty's; chocolate's best and most loyal friend.
by McFuzzball January 13, 2005
noun (plural: lurchers); a person-usually a friend-who is included in private internet chat rooms but takes no active part in the conversation. Unlike a common internet 'lurker,' a lurcher is creepy like Lurch from the Adam's family.
Twelve people read my message but no one replied. Damn lurchers!
by Cool Cunts Family September 26, 2015
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