The Feeling of drowsiness brought on by taking any sleeping pill (not necessarily the drug 'Lunesta). People feel Lunnie especially after getting 5-6 Hours of Sleep when the drug suggests devoting 8 hours of sleep.
Lucy just took a sleeping pill. She is feeling Lunnie.
by Sammy Wilson Smithers October 03, 2007
a sickening dude who think he is a love sage as he always stay up late just to talk to the girl he like ... living in USA and talking to a girl in Singapore ... often stay up till 12 mn ++ ... tell use that he had got over her but i tell you, HELL NO! a retard being who critise on everyone and think he will not be critised ... damn, you are god damn wrong ... ...
DUDE, get over her you mofo ... dont be like You lun who is a idiotic retarded moron ...! ...

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