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Italian and Latin in origin, Lunita means "little moon." Lunita is, more times than not, an extraordinarily stunning woman. Physically, she is curvaceous, has long dark hair, catty eyes (usually dark in color as well), great legs and a big, round rump! She is extravagent by nature and definitely enjoys the finer things in life. Intellectually, she will run circles around even the smartest of people. Lunita, a highly competitive woman, stops at nothing to be the best, even if that means trampling on a few people on the way to the top! She is fiercly loyal and not very forgiving. She is great in bed, but good luck trying to get her there! This one is very picky when it comes to her lovers! Bottom line is men dream of being with her and women dream of being her!
Damn, she's one fine piece of ass, the whole package. That must be Lunita.
by whisperbase January 05, 2011
1. n. slut of the neighborhood, usually found to be very skinny, hyperactive and almost impossible to impregnate

2. n. small dog (usually a dachshund) that is taken advantage of, a push over
Bobby: Who's that leaving Phil's at this time of night?

Julian: Oh, that's just a lunita on her way to John's house.
by Carolina Noir September 23, 2007
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