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You see dude with da big lips he eat lunch.
by Dee September 12, 2003
13 19
If one is lunch, one doesnt possess qualities of a lad, they are feminine and not up for a laugh. to say one is not lunch is a great compliment
"I'll get the beers in to prove I aint lunch"
by lord mortimer August 13, 2009
8 15
Noun: The unsavory and stale last available hit of weed in a bowl. Usually discarded as ash, lunch can be smoked if absolutely necessary.

Adj. pertaining to or exhibiting the qualities of LUNCH.
Dude: Hey Bro, you want the lunch?

Bro: Fuck that Dude, just pack it again.
Man: Yo Buddy, we gotta change this bong-water.

Buddy: I know man, its mad lunchy.
by Dr. Monk Ganja April 15, 2007
12 23
an acronym meaning Love U No Crazy Homo. when you say this to a guy friend but you love them, but not like a crazy homo.
guy 1: cya
guy 2: aight, lunch!
guy 1: lunch!
by muurrrr September 08, 2011
3 20
The act of consuming hilarity as nourishment.
Parson Brown is such a lunch.
by Henry Sigins January 13, 2010
3 26

To Masturbate Aka have sex with oneself.
This way if you have an instant messaging program you can keep people from talking to you by putting your Status to "Out to lunch" While Masturbating.

It is also a good way to talk about Masturbation in public area's without anyone having any idea of what you are actualy talking about.

It is also very amusing because Lunch is very Similiar to Masturbation. You must clean up after Lunch and you can buy Lunch or you can eat Lunch.

And you can ask people If they have lunch everyday and then laugh at them when they say yes. Because they have no idea what you just said and they think WTF
Bob: Hey, ted do you have lunch at work?
Ted: Yeah...Doesnt Everybody.
Bob: ewwwwww no not me! Thats just wrong...
ted: wtf!!!!!!
by The Lunch Maker May 07, 2008
21 48
Tight, cool, awesome. Used as an adjective. Started by a DJ on 93.5 the Beach.
"That's lunch, yo."

"Those rims are lunch!"
by ItsLunchtime February 20, 2010
1 31