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A completely over the top and usually discriminating, incriminating, hateful, spiteful, porn-like, insulting, passive-aggressive, aggressive, pain-inflicting-for-entertainment-based talk show produced by the JinxedReverend Corporation. It really just seems to be a bunch of JinxedReverend employees making people's life hell (quite frequently including other JinxedReverend employees).

The most frequent hosts are:
Jimmy, Jinx and Mr Happy.

The corporation that produces Lunch With Maury seem to keep it so it is only accessable to a certain audience but it's due for wide release early 2009.
Lunch With Maury is nothing more than an hour of mockery, sadism, pornographic situations and cruel contests which nobody can really win.
#lunch with maury #jinx #jimmy #mr happy #jinxedreverend #jinxedreverend corporation #the jinxedreverend corporation #sadism #pornographic situations
by restrictedaccesstelevision July 14, 2008
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