as in sack of lump. urban translation... one who is lumpy.
lumpsack: Rosie O'Donnel
by esri February 06, 2010
Top Definition
Usually found on fat people; The furthest south, and usually the biggest roll on your stomach. Can be seen bulging out of high waste pants. The waste of your pants usually gets stuck in between your lumpsack, and other role.
The fat receptionist set her clip board down on her lumpsack.
by Lady Products October 04, 2008
A word used in many different convorsatins, like in arguments when you dont know what to say. (has no meaning just wierds people out and makes it akward for them.)
guy1: hey dude ur moms a whore

guy2: well.. ur a lump sack

guy1: what?....... im out
by katz98 January 13, 2012
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