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The name of a person who was derived from the combined forces of Chuck Norris, The Most Interesting Man in the World, and the mythical powers of Unicorn Tears. With a dragon-like heart pumping tiger's blood through his veins, he is the undoubtedly the spitting image of perfection and should be respected as such. The gods fear and respect him and covet his presence.
Ladies want him, guys want to BE him... hell they want him too.

Ladies: LUKUS!!!!
Guys: shit, can't compete with that...
Lukus: ladies, ladies, please, one at a time... aw, what the hell, all of y'all get over here
by awesomelah2591 December 07, 2011
A fat sack of crap, that takes it in the butt.
Your being such a fat Lukus right now!
by ipeepeeontrees August 14, 2008

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