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adj. The act of doing something that cannot be described with contemporary words. Meaning everything but at the same time absolutely nothing.
Angelina Jolie adopting all them African kids is Lugazti as shit.
Dick Cheney blasting his boy in the face was a Lugzati move.
Don't be Lugzati son, chill. Thats Lugzati.
#swag #nothing #dumb #rudeness #stupid
by Lugzati Ninja January 20, 2011
A word used to describe something or the act of doing something that has no current definition. It is generally in reference to some trill shit that has never been experienced, labeled or defined. Something without a history.

To "keep it Lugzati" = The state of being so real, OG, innovative, trill, pure etc. that you have superseded all forms of definition and it incites a completely unique experience in a wack onlooker's living memory.
The invention of the iPod was so lugzati.

Man, you are keeping it so lugzati with those shoes! I have never seen shoes like those before in my life. And I'm 58!

Girl: (observing a remarkable penis) Wow, that dick made me feel all kinds of new sensations in my vagina and asshole. I was cummin' harder than ever before.

Trill ass dude: Yeah, I tamed dat ass Lugzati. Now, leave my presence.
#trill #steve jobs #real #amazing #awesome
by Chang Wung August 28, 2013
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