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A tiny town in rural South Carolina that is full of the cockiest f****** rednecks you will ever meet. Politically this town is as conservative as the sky is blue. If your not white, straight, or Christian stay away from here. According to locals, neither side won the Civil War, it's "still happenin'!" The local high school is like going to a truck show...a monster truck show that is. The rebel flag is the official town flag.
Person #1: "Ever been to Lugoff?"

Person #2: "Um no, I'm black, gay, and I believe God is just an illusion sweetheart."
by mattker124 February 22, 2009
A very small town full of rednecks. It is located in Kershaw County. Don't go there, they don't like you if you're different. There are approximately 40 cool people that live in this small town. See Jeter.
Person 1: I drove through Lugoff yesterday.
Person 2: I tried that once, but I got raped by hicks.
Person 1: Yep.
by Hachachacha1 March 10, 2008
not a small town, but rather a community centered around Invista in South Carolina, borders Camden and Elgin. though it may be a piece of shit town, compared to Camden and Elgin it is a utopia. also has an approximate 3 to 5 asians
1. p1 "hey lets go to lugoff"
p2 "where?!"
p1 "that town with minimal asians"
by meatwad's second cousin September 15, 2006
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