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The term used to describe the intoxication brought on by the use of LSD and alcohol simultaneously.

The materials required to obtain the Lucy-Goosie intoxication are as follows:

1) 1-4 hits of potent acid. Adjust this as to the potency of the LSD in your area.
2) A bottle of your favourite alcohol, I personally rather like Fireball, Coconut Bacardi, and any sort of Gin.

The proper method of obtaining the Lucy-Goosie intoxication is as follows:

1) Obtain and injest your preferred number of acid hits (preferably potent). I like 2 personally.
2) Enjoy the high of the LSD for around 4-6 hours.
3) Once you start to come down, and the experience is at it's 'less-crazy' stage, start pouring shots of your favourite liquor.
4) Pour the necessary amount of shots needed for you to reach a drunken state.
5) Have fun, don't smoke too much (I always tend to oversmoke while on acid or drunk, so this combo is doubly bad).
Kid 1: What are you doing this weekend dude?
Kid 2: Getting lucy-goosie my friend.
Kid 3: Hell yeah kid 1, me and kid 2 are going to down 3 hits and a bottle of Fireball each.
Kid 1: Sounds like fun.. I wish I could join you.
Kid 2: No doubt you do, this is going to be fun as fuck.
by G. Roony February 06, 2007