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when you do not remember the name of someone, you may refer to them as Lucy.
"Then Lexi said to... wait... whats her name again? "I don't know, just call her Lucy."
by Kristy1223234242454 December 07, 2006
83 100
Lucifer's Leap. One of the harder trails at Butternut ski area, but still wicked easy.
Im gonna go down Lucy's, man.
by annon. February 08, 2004
3 21
pretty, scottish girl and is soo lovely and loves to have a joke and good to know her - or i would be bored without her - shes not mine but my friends but ill be here to pick her up :)
Snake: god - :) lucy :)
by mini.moreland June 13, 2010
28 52
A Lucy, in New York, is a single cigarette. It got its name from the term "loosie," referring to the fact that this cigarette was being sold apart (or loose from) the pack. Lots of outer borough bodegas will sell a Lucy for a buck or two.
I was out of cigarettes but I only had three bucks, so I got a few lucys.
by Tomtomtom2222323 October 30, 2011
17 43
A manipulative, naive female who will follow everything she believes to be popular and waste everything of worth. Lucy's learn the hard way after causing a great deal of damage to others. However in most cases go on to stir further. Lucy's feed of drama.
'Oh no she wasn't a Lucy?!'
by fg3fg April 12, 2010
72 97
A slang term generally used to describe LSD or Acid.
"Last night I was hanging out with Lucy for hours!"

"I hope Lucy comes by tonight!"
by DanIsDirty December 17, 2012
3 30
Dealer talk for acid.
1: hey man you wanna go on an adventure with Lucy tonight?
2: definitely man, how much for 3?
by nicholelovesking October 26, 2010
12 40