He`s luckiest man in the world for having such an amazing girlfriend that loves him with all her heart!
That Lucky Bastard's Marianne's boyfriend.
by dovepeach January 30, 2011
Top Definition
1. One called for being such a lucky man.
Man 1: "Dude, he's dating the hottest girl of the school."
Man 2: "Oh Lucky Bastard
by Cocotones November 10, 2010
Someone with a girlfriend with huge tits.
Dayum, have you seen Simon's girlfriend's new profile picture? That lucky bastard!
by king size slim rizla + slim qu November 13, 2013
n. an indoor frisbee game created in 2011 on the third floor of Glassell Hall at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee where two teams of any number of players stand at opposite ends of a hallway approximately 40 feet apart and attempt to throw a frisbee down the length of the hall and into the opponents trash can. Upon successful score, the opposing team is forced to drink.
Aaron: Dude, I got my frisbee.
Danny: Lucky Bastard?
Aaron: yes. fuck yes.
by ScaryHenry September 12, 2011
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