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Reference to baseball players not being as skilled as they seem, but rather swinging as hard as they can and getting lucky.

If you swing enough times, some hits are bound to be good.

Also, an alternate name for baseball in general, due to the aforementioned bullshit being prevalence in the sport.
'Holy shit, did you see that homerun?' 'pff, luckswing'
by somefuckinname January 24, 2013
Luckswing is a preposterous idea proposed by a fool. It is the concept that any hit observed in the glorious sport of baseball is purely chance. People who believe in the "luckswing" school of thought should simply be put down to benefit the human gene pool.
I think I know what Darwin was on about... He was talking about those idiots who believe in Luckswing.
by Luckswing Vigilante October 05, 2010