Masturbatory device
I put some lube on my dick befor i wacked it!
by beah um feah December 15, 2002
Where a woman has sex with you. So called because the vigina fluid lubercates the pecker in sex.
I asked Kathy to lube me.
by Deep blue 2012 June 29, 2010
a gelly like lubricant that amy uses when inserting a tampon into her vigi... she says it feels good
amy! u put too much lube on that tampon!its seeping through ur panties! Mmm tasty! i like it salty!
by horny lil bitches February 19, 2004
The stuff that Paul Levesque buys and uses when he wants to party wih his friends in Evolution.
HHH Bought some lube that he was gonna use in a circle jerk with Randy Orton, Ric Flair and Batista.
by Rolento December 16, 2003
a condom which is already treated with lubricant inside the package
her pussy was a mite dry last night so I rolled on a lube before I mounted her
by John R. December 09, 2003
when a man loves a man and they want to practice their love
"i love you"
"ok then lets use lube to practice our love"
by Bethany December 01, 2004
Something that's just totally wrong, inconceivably awful. Derived from the fact that "lube" is just a nasty word, no matter what it's supposed to mean.
She's dating a 17-year old? What is she, 28? That's just lube.
by Adama June 01, 2004

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