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Luana...A beautiful girl, inside and out. Walks with a sexy swagger and has a magnetic personality. Her subtle sexiness is a mystery to men, which all the more attracts them. She is smart, warm and witty. She is strong in character, and has a bit of shyness. But don't let her fool you; behind closed doors this phenomenal woman will keep her man begging for more. As a friend she is loyal, encouraging, honest, and loves to party...She is a a good dancer, a great dresser and will be brutally honest with you if you're wearing something unbecoming.
Wow...I wish I could walk like Luana, so sexy yet classy!

Grr...why do all the guys ask her to dance?

Man, this babe is amazing! I didn't want our date to end!

But Luana, don't these ripped jeans look hip?
by Rocco Michelletti February 02, 2010
A pretty girl who often is judged for being a show-off, attention seeker but in truth just wants to be different from other girls and doesn't like people judging her from her face.
Bitch: Luana is such a bitch! I hate her.
Luana's friend: That's not true. You dont even know her.
by Verity TEEK January 31, 2009

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