A word made popular by the youtube video maker known as the winekone, it stands for Laughing so much im crying. simular to the turn lol or laughing out loud
*dude tells a funny joke*
by brandon canty October 08, 2007
Top Definition
An internet short for "laughing so much I'm crying" Possibly made up by the youtuber "thewinekone" in his video "yours randomly"

More believable than ROFL
Mike: ... and then he ate it!
Charlie: LSMIC
by Jessha October 09, 2007
Laughing So Much I'm Crying.
Made up by TheWineKone on YouTube
Person 1: Zomggg, ima n00b :D
Person 2: LSMIC!!!!!
by Lizzieeeeeeeeee :] October 09, 2007
an online term meaning Laughing So Much Im Crying. A much more suitanble acronym to use instead of always saying lol, lmao, or rotfl. Made up by TheWineKone during one of his videos.
Person1: I saw Brian trip UP the stairs today!!

Person2: LSMIC!
by Bianca A. October 11, 2007
Laughing So Much I'm Crying

Created by the popular Youtube user TheWineKone in one of his Random videos.
Why say ROFL when the odds are you aren't Rolling On The Floor Laughing. LSMIC is a lot more plausible.
by B-Dubya October 12, 2007
Laughing So Much I'm Crying

Created by thewinekone
Matty: Hungry Hungry Hippos sucks. Who would want to watch a bunch of hippos swallowing little white balls?

Gabbie: LSMIC!!!
by ramunematt October 07, 2007
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