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A school in Kingston, Ontario, that has its good parts and its bad parts. LCVI has groups, and may have it's problems, but they are okay most of the time. Has a long standing grudge against KCVI and the other Schools. Has lots of nice people. Is commonly known as the 'Gay' school in Kingston. Only school were if you want to go sit with other people of different group, you can wander around and go chill out with other groups.
Guy from LC: I usually sit with my sports buddies, but sometimes I go chill with the Drama kids.

Other guy: Dude, Your not supposed to chill with other cliques. Status quo dude.

Guy from LC: Dude, I go to Loyalist Colliegate and Vocational Institute. It's all chill there.
by NepetaLCGirl March 23, 2011
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