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The section of a marching band consisting of any combination of bass clarinets, baritone saxophones, and/or tubas. Usually the more eccentric members of the marching band, lowheads are always down for a good time. To a lowhead, a good time consists of gathering at a fellow lowhead's house, watching random and funny videos on the Internet, and consuming rather large amounts of food. The lowhead section of the marching band is usually pretty small, so the lowheads are almost always a very close group, meaning that they aren't afraid to hug on each other and give suggestive or seductive looks to one another. Lowheads aren't afraid to be themselves. They just ooze pure badass-ness.
Person 1: That kid always has a huge lunch, complains about being hungry all the time, and always likes to hug people. What's wrong with him/her?

Person 2: Doesn't he/she play the bass clarinet/baritone saxophone/tuba in the marching band?

Person 1: Yeah...

Person 2: There's absolutely nothing wrong with that kid! He/she is a lowhead, duh!

Person 1: Oh, yeah! Those lowheads are so cool!
by bandlol2013 November 25, 2011
a caddish person; somebody who is mean in behaviour.
Since she is a lowhead, I do not like her.
by uttam maharjan November 25, 2010
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