A person who likes to randomly hug or otherwise attack people that he cares about. See Julzebob

Girls should not approach this person under any circumstances.
For example

Girl - "Hi Lowey"
Lowey - *Dives on girl and randomly hugs*
by Julzebob December 21, 2004
Weird guy.. Bit retarded. In general, nice fellow. Often "falls in love", if this ever happens to you, don't believe him and run away. Seriously.
Girl: Hey, how are you?
Lowey: In love with you!!! Let's go out!
Girl: *runs away*
by Lowey December 19, 2004
a girl who is who has sex/gives head to anyone because she is a slut
lets go ask that lowey for a blow job
by princess-paige December 17, 2005
Slang term used for an erection. A happy boner.
"James got a lowey watching Brokeback Mountain"

"Jessica Alba gives me a lowey"
by Shit in a can December 04, 2006

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