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To low ride is to wear your trousers(pants) low down, usually around the upper legs. Underpants are usually visible, but often long T-Shirts are used to hide it.
"Man, check out how low that guy is low riding!"
by tyme4aNap October 15, 2008
33 15
This term is used when a fucking douche bag wears their bottoms around their fucking ass. Originally, low-riding whilst in jail meant that you were 'keen' for a 'butt fuck'. Low-riding is highly common amongst gay fuck tards.
Person 1: "I'm low-riding."
Person 2: "You're gay?"
Person 1: "Yeah."
by The Truth Uncovered July 11, 2013
4 6
When one sits on the toilet with no seat down so as to sink into the toilet bowl as much as possible to have his/her buttocks closer to the water line, thus reducing the risk of a water splash-back incident (also known as a "fitzgerlad")
Guy #1: Hey man how did you go on the crapper the other night after that pie eating competition, did you end up with a Fitzgerald???

Guy #2: Na bro I just executed the lowriding position and all was well.

Guy #1: Genius!
by Swinno87 May 30, 2013
1 3