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When a person's trousers and lowered and fasted around the buttocks or just below them. Usually common in rude boys and people who live in certain areas and estates. Originated from a prison where all black men had their belts taken off them because one black man strangled a white man with his belt, this caused their trousers to lower as thay walked. This was then taken up by people outside.
O my God bruv, look at that brers low bats.
by ReZa October 21, 2004
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When your cellphone's batterry charge is about to be depleted
Sorry bro' I cant call yoiu back. I'm low-bat.
by marino_1978 July 01, 2009
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Shorthand for low battery. Often heard in the Philippines and other fob countries.
I used my cell phone all day and now it's lowbat.
by Blackflame619 June 30, 2009
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