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Also known as Deya, Nami, & Nemi, Lovera is a ship between the two singers/actresses named Naya Rivera and Demi Lovato. They share flirty tweets to each other through a social networking site known as Twitter. According to Naya, her and Demi have kissed.. on-screen and off (the off-screen kisses were better though ;)) They're going to be the death of thousands of fangirls one day because of their perf duet called Here Comes the sun. PS. They call each other girlfriends.
On Twitter:
Obsessed with my girlfriend's song "sorry" out today!!! Love you @NayaRivera"

I ship it... 😜😝💗 RT @NayaRivera: Fancy. ddlovato #goodside #dantana? (insert instagram picture here)"

by Justanotherfangirl September 18, 2013
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