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Louisa County is a large small town county in central Virginia. It's full of some pretty great people along with some shit. People grow up their whole life complaining that they can't wait to leave, but then they usually drop out of have babies and decide that they can't leave their "home". Pretty much all there is to do is hang out in Food Lion parking lot, get yelled at by the town cops, and move to McDonalds parking lot. Other thant that you have a wide variety of drinking and drugs on the weekends. There are a vast amount of parents that let their children to whatever drugs they desire and bring their child's friends down with them.
Random person:"Hey, man. Where you from?"
Louisian:"Louisa County, Virginia"
Random person:"Where's that?"
Louisian:"If you ever get lost, you've found it. It's pretty central to everything, yet no one knows where it is."
by IlivetheremahfukER March 14, 2011

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