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To truly understand this concept one must first have an understanding of 'Post-Break-Up Rule #1: No sex with ex's best friends'. This concept is a widely excepted concept across the United States and most of the free world. If you happen to be one of the few who are not familiar with this concept I'll sum its logic and definition up for you in a short, clear synopsis : When a long term couple splits up it is common courtesy to NOT have sex with your ex's best friends. However, this concept seems to be a difficult one to follow in the world so most individuals are allotted one fault; that one chance to fool around or even possibly have sex with one of your ex's best friends that you may have taken an interest in. But here's the catch, here's what separates the soulless from the souled, here's what separates <i>you</i> from me: After these extremely disrespectful acts have been committed, a phase of guilt kicks in, a time for the accused to think about what they've done to their friends, even if their friends didn't know... just the fact that it was done, that's what makes it wrong. That's where the guilt comes from. After this realization usually comes the point where the guilty two decide 'You know, that wasn't right. In fact, that was very wrong, what kind of friend am I anyway? Well, I don't want to be a friend who does things like this. Because, whether it means anything or not, it's still very wrong.. and I'm a piece of shit for doing it'. Once again my friends, this is where we come to the cross-roads, this is where the good is separated from the bad, the souled from the soulless, me from you. After this is all said and done, two main possibilities lie ahead: That in which the two stick with the conclusion they have come upon and be good, true friends... or just do it again! After the chance for real guilt to help you realize why what your doing is wrong... when you've discovered what a shitty thing it is to do.. and you DO IT AGAIN! -that's something that deserves a name of it's own. And from a slight morphing of the infamous word ludicrous, and additions of other vowels and consonants with special meaning behind them, thus is born the term LOUDICK. So the next time you're F'ed over by your friends, just remember: LOUDICK!

Geeze Sally, I knew you had sex with your ex's best friend once, but didn't you agree that it was wrong and a mistkae? So why did you do it again!? THAT'S LOUDICK GIRL!
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