someone who cannot spell Lottie correctly.
"My names Lotte"

by yodajajaobione November 02, 2009
Top Definition
German nickname for Charlotte. Often can be seen doing matrix manuvers. Beware of Lottes. she can make a great friend but if you are a guy you will fall in love with her and she will break your heart.
Wow! look at that book she caught!
Yeah Lotte, way to be all matrix about it!
by Lolipop bo Rae January 07, 2009
A person with a hot body and big boobs and a smoking hot ass. All the boys want Lotte and Lotte wants all the boys. Everyone wants to fuck a Lotte.
That Lotte is so hot, i wanna fuck her so bad

wow Lotte has big boobs, i wanna suck on them
by hotboobs July 22, 2010
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