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To go from car dealer to car dealer in search for a new car.
Me and my cousin went lot hopping this weekend. Unfortunately we couldn't find the right car.
by Danithblah January 26, 2012
Driving in a car with your friends. Parking in a parking lot and blasting music. All of your friends get out of the car. Sit in trunk, bring chairs, or dance around to a 6 minute or longer techno song. Ten seconds left of song, everyone jumps quickly into car and speeds away. MUST screech tires. And you speed away to another parking lot redo it all over again.
Ben: What shall we do tonight?!
Amanda: Let's find a party!
Ben: We can make our own party!
Corrina: lets go Lot hopping!
by AyeBeeCee June 27, 2010
1.Looking for a party while driving from one parking lot to another until you just give up and go home.

2.Hanging out with Boggs

see also lot hopper
1. We didn't do shit, we spent all night lot hopping.

2. FUCK BOGGS! One brodeo after another.
by Blumpkin King November 08, 2007
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