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A hopeless, affection-starved social retard who instantly falls in love with any female who acknowledges them.
Ever since I started sitting with Corey at lunch, he's been following me around like a lost puppy.
by dLoaf November 04, 2009
One who becomes best friends with someone who has issues in some way; abusive family, bullied, etc..., and tries to fix the issues. Basically taking in strays.
Girl A: Wasn't Evelyn hanging out with Shylanne all the time last month? And now she's with Poppy all the time?

Girl B: Yeah she seems to be taking in strays.

Girl C: Maybe she has Lost Puppy Syndrome?

Girl B: Didn't Shylanne have a crappy family? And none of her friends liked her?

Girl A: Omg yes. And Poppy has an abusive family member or something. Maybe she hangs with Evelyn just to get away from that??
by red.umbrella_black.dress July 13, 2016
Someone completely incapable of doing their job and/or just simple task.
Today was horrible. I was stuck with a Lost Puppy and I had to pick up his slack all day.
by B-Dev February 03, 2012
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