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A party thrown by a loser where alcohol is the main focus and the majority of attendees are incredibly weird and total losers
Nick: Yo dude, did you hear that Furth is throwing down tonight??
Patrick: Ya bro, but its suppose to be a total Loser Boozer
Nick: Damn brah
by Pat Manson February 19, 2010
Poorly attended Pub containing losers: Fat old men sitting at the bar lechering over the barmaids. Sky sports is playing the darts as they nurse their pints, fart and eat peanuts. Loser Boozers are often Wetherspoon's during the day, as the beer is cheap and they sell foods-because those that frequent the Loser Boozer can't work microwaves
"Shall we go to 'The Queen's Head' for a pint?"

"Nah man it's a right loser boozer in there"
by nodge March 03, 2010
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