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The State of being a gangsta or a G-Unit. If you are a Losch no one will mess with you and you have awesome rhyming skillz.

To be Losch you also have to have musical skills that are off the charts and a Love of all things cute and fuzzy.
Dude 1: I'm feeling so Losch Today, I think I might adopt a dog.
Dude 2: Me to lets do it.
Dude 1: But First can we go rhyme and put it into a Rap?
Dude 2: Sure Lets Go!
by Different_Name_2 June 23, 2009
Losch (<Low-shhh): To be extremely relaxed, like being swallowed by the couch.

Adj. Loschified
Noun. Loscher
Verb. Losching
Bill- Man, I'm totally losched....
Joe- I know! After that frisbee golf round, I'm seriously "loschified".
Bill- We need some serious gear for losching today
by Olympic pena March 17, 2010
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