Lorna Doones are vending machina food, which is the only safe food to eat!
Loooooooorrrrrrrnnnnnaaa Doooonnnneeessss
by Repo Me June 10, 2004
the coolest shortbread cookie snack served at school.
Tim look they're serving LORNADOONES today!!!!!! YESSSS!!
by VICKI! April 26, 2004
The name given to the cookie of shortbread by the Nabisco masterminds. Later, this name (Lorna) was given to Lauren of Mahwah, New Jersey courtesy of Sigmundo of Clifton, New Jersey. Lastly, Doone was a later addition to Lauren's new pen name given by a close friend, to presently refer to Lauren as "Lorna Doone"
Lorna Doone is a coooon.
by Courtesy of Mahwah, NJ 07430 June 08, 2004

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