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Loria (law-ree-a)


1.A person, usually of Greek descent, who is exceedingly vain and shallow, and usually becomes enraged and out of control when exposed to alcohol.

2. A man who spends extreme amounts of time grooming himself, and usually exhibits large, prominent eyebrows and a perfect haircut.

3. A haircut popular among school-age boys in the United States, usually exhibiting a small "ski-slope" shape in the front.

4. A name for a person who resembles the characters "Bert and Ernie" on the popular children's show called "Seasame Street."

5. A situation that makes one feel stupid or ridiculous. "Oh no, I just pulled a Loria!"

5. Also see: pervert, child-molester, cradle-robber
"That guy plucks his eyebrows so much, you would think he was Loria."

"Who is that guy dating your 12 year old sister?" "Oh, that's Loria!"

"Wow, that guy really cannot hold his liquor...he must be Loria."

"Did you hear? The police have just posted a warning on Sex to watch our children. Loria just moved into our neighborhood!"
by Loria-lover October 18, 2006

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