A man who dominates another man's anus (or 'ring') with his erect penis.
Once he gets it in and starts f**king, he's the 'Lord Of The Rings'
by Mr Gognitti March 18, 2004
A lame ass movie where everyone freakin goes on a long ass walk-even the freakin trees!!!!!
Yo man, I feel like i was a fucking hobbit i walked so far and long like those lord of the rings fucks!!!!!
#lame #gay #fucked #douchebag #stupid
by budman72 April 07, 2009
1)An arse lovin, poo punchin, butt stabbing, fudge packing professional
2) How your asshole feels after pebble dashing the porclain telephone following a very hot and spicy bitch of a curry.
1)Getcha dick outta my ass dammit, I ain't no fricken Lord of the Rings.
2) Holy shit I think something died up there, my ass is on fire. Feel like Lord of the Rings (see defination 1.).
#arse bandit #burning ring of fire #arse burner #toilet filler #bowl blaster
by Big Babycakes May 17, 2006
Possibly the worst,most boring trilogy on the entire planet. The story is set in a fantasy world with midgets and other mythical creatures.
Geek:Hey,you saw Lord of the Rings?
Dude:WTF is that shit?
#lord #of #the rings #trilogymovie #film
by Oh Hai I Buffed Your Floor September 25, 2010
A trilogy of extremely long movies based around migdets walking to a volcano. Whilst watching this trilogy boredom will consume your soul!
"Hey have you seen Lord of the Rings?"

"No that shit's gay!"
#lord of the rings #boring #faggot #crap #dwarf #frodo
by Jamie Hibbert February 07, 2008
another nerd clique
Dude, look at those Tolkeinites. They obviously haven't seen a vagina before.
by Alex February 26, 2003
1. a series of books written by JRR Tolkien.

2. a homosexual.

Origin: from lord, as in gaylord & ring, as in anus. Such a person belongs to the 'Fellowship of the Ring'.
"that bloke over there is very close to his male friend. He is blatantly a lord of the rings!"
by Ronny St Papps January 05, 2005
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