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The lord Zack is a very Cunning and talented adventure, engineer, rifleman, blacksmith, carpenter, survivalist,hunter,navigator, and professional soldier for hire.

his many accomplishments and travels are far to extensive to list all of them and not literally blow you're feeble neckbeard mind.

his class swoons the coldest women.
His skills with a rifle are unmatched.
Challenge him to a drinking contest? you'll lose.
He is a one man army, of superior intellect and skill.

But there is another side to your Lord, a side many have not seen.
He is a renaissance man, a true jack of all trades, a POLYMATH.

Need it be fabricated or repaired, he can do it.

His travels will soon take him to Europe where he will again spread the word of his glory.

If you ever meet the lord zack, do not approach him, he is very dangerous, simply make you're pressiance known and wave.
"that man is deffinitivly of legendary statues he must know the lord zack repsher."
by the lord Zack's assistant October 17, 2011
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