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A person who, despite his best attempts, cannot and will not ever make a funny joke. A "Zack Attack" is also known to eat gefilte fish, tuna, and matzah brie, and the like, as well as the occasional Burger King
Look at that Zack Attack over there, spouting bad jokes and eating pickled herring in the Burger King
by Big Meetch November 26, 2012
a sexy gay boy with a fondness for anime and long walks on the beach.

called a zack attack because he's a hoe and you never know when he's going to assault your backside.
dood one: woah look there's zack!
dood two: WATCH OUT
dood one: man, my ass hurts
dood two: best watch out for them zackattacks.
by vaginacakes May 26, 2008
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