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Commonly referred to as Lopat: A township in Warren County NJ that borders on the much larger and much scummier Phillipsburg, or P-Burg as it's known. Lopatcong is P-burg's much wealthier neighbor, full of snotty ex-city worker's who fled Bayonne and other parts of Bergen county for a cookie-cutter McMansion and what could be called a "back-yard." There's nothing to do in Lopat, but hey at least it's not Phillipsburg. Lopat kids commonly DO go to college, and leave the nest, steering clear of "Warren County Community College" - a small step up from Phillipsburg High School, a very small step.....
I'm from Lopatcong, NJ my house doesn't look like a tornado hit it..."
by njny123 April 26, 2011
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