Stands for "laugh out on the inside"

Used to express laughter that is not necessarily funny to everyone around, but makes one laugh on the inside.

This type of laughter can also be found when one laughs at an inside joke expressed over a text where laughter cannot necessarily be heard.
"Do you remember your DISNEY smile? The absolutley crazy one?"


"It makes me laugh everytime i think of it. LOOTI!"
by J-hero May 04, 2010
Top Definition
Old Men who have sunk to the bottom of the workforce ladder and tend to don the Skullet. Their catchphrases might include, "So you wanna do this the hard way?" Only to get their asses kicked.
Mike: Dude, that guy that works in the Office Max copy center was totally old and washed up.

Ron: He's a Lootis man, look at his skullet.
by DON THE MERVINATOR November 06, 2009
Arabic word meaning homosexual or gay. Commonly used and considered as a serious insult to a man in the arab world.
Enta looti (meaning: you are gay)
by Silverstone4445 May 10, 2009
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