A nerdy way of saying 'lol'
LOLZORDS!!! Your such a n00b!
by Dickie Martin October 13, 2007
To be laughed at by a sword
When King Arthur pulled out the sword, it pissed itself, this is an example of lolzord.
by Rohen September 25, 2006
Lolzord is a megazord entirelly made of lolz, wich means, u have to lolz a lot to summon teh lolzord
by breko January 20, 2009
Laughing out loud at a Zord from the Power Rangers TV show.
Guy 1: Hey, that ultra-super-cool-rhino-snake-zord just got pwned by that monster!
Guy 2: Lolzord!
by TTN April 29, 2007

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