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Originated from the MMOG World of Tanks. Making fun of the Tier1 tank Leichttraktor and the funny youtube videos about it.
Its a funny looking tank which is pretty weak in all respect, infamous for being included in higher Tier games by the game's (somewhat) imbalanced matchmaking system.
- The Loltraktor can destroy the world by just being angry.

- Chuck Norris was once the Loltraktor's Gunner.
- The Loltraktor always has his AP bullets ready, so whenever he sees someone interesting he hits it and hopes for a penetration.
- The Loltraktor is so fast that, when we see it moving 10 meters, Loltraktor actually took 10 rounds around the planet
- The Loltraktor is a combination of two things: a farming tool and a laughing nerd.
- The Loltraktor is never defeated. He just decides that you won't be pwned today.
- If you hit F1, your pc will come to help you. If you yell "Lol" at midnight three times, the Loltraktor will come to help you.
- With five elements you can summon Captain Planet. With five puns you can summon the Loltraktor.
by Mikael L Chuaungo June 30, 2011
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