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Used in expression when something is very funny but just laughing doesn't quite cut it. Similar to Roflcopter.

A.K.A. That word I thought I made up but only to find that someone else beat me to it.
"Dude, Thom just failed his exam!"
"Whoa, that word's sick, I've never heard it before!"
"I know, I just made it up!"
"Oh, wait, it's already on Urban Dictionary."
#loltractor #roflcopter #lmfao #haha #lol
by Lucas C February 19, 2008
Something so funny that a helicopter just does not cut it, it needs the power of a TRACTOR. Lol tractor originated on the 5th of December 2006 by LUKE D!!
Person 1: Man i went out with suzie last night and crapped my pants
Person 2: Really Wat happened?
Person 1: She slapped me in the face and farted on my dinner
Person 2: Loltractor!!1!!!
#loltracor #tractor #lol #tractorz #loltracta
by Lukuss D December 05, 2006
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