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A multipurpose portmanteau of "LOL" and "genocide" that can be used as a whimsical substitution for any text-based expression of mirth, humor, or emoted laughter.

Can also be used to convey dismay at any grotesque and/or horrifying reality or occurrence.
Denver: Did you read the news?

David: No, what's up?

Denver: The RCMP tasered another dude to death and got caught on video.

by Joe McGoat November 20, 2009
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The murder/ extermination of a good joke.
"Dude check it out my dog! It's licking the carpet, haha!"
"Ha, like a lesbian"
"Yes, that was the joke, and now its lolicide..."

Any impersonation of Borat
by Zesocialist February 12, 2008
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the act of viscously murdering a lol.
guy 1: how many dead babies does it take a screw in a light bulb?
guy 2: lol how many?
guy 3: didn't your wife miscarry?
guy 2: what a lolicide.
by billy.e February 19, 2010
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