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The HTML way of saying stop being gay
HoT4U2655: Dude I love you man
GaNgsta$$345: Uhh thanks
HoT4U2655: Lets secks :D
HoT4U2655: Lol
GaNgsta$$345: </gay>
HoT4U2655: Lol?
#homophobic #gaycomfortable #gayphobia #gay #fag
by Zesocialist March 24, 2008
The murder/ extermination of a good joke.
"Dude check it out my dog! It's licking the carpet, haha!"
"Ha, like a lesbian"
"Yes, that was the joke, and now its lolicide..."

Any impersonation of Borat
#joke kill #joke killer #annoying #ruin #sour joke
by Zesocialist February 12, 2008
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