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1. When one chooses to use the term "lol" even when something is not funny, usually in communicating using social media, phones, to fill in an empty conversation
2. The general unnecesary overuse of the term "lol"
Girl: I picked up the groceries. LOL
Guy: lol did you grab the chips i like lol
Girl: lol yeah i did dont worry lol i got this covered

Everyone else: Goddamn, stop lol-filling.

Ex: (lol-fillers)
Guy: My parents got divorced last year lol
Guy #2: lol thats so terrible that must have been so hard for you lol
Guy: lol yeah and now i have trust issues lol
Guy #2: how its going with the therapist lol
#lol #lmao #texting #social media #funny #smart #people #sad #phones
by hashendonitsme June 03, 2014
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