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an abbreviation for the city of Land O Lakes, florida. generally used by people from there and their grandparents in the keys.
Vanessa: yo, sara, what be yo address?

Sara: aw, shit man, it is 227 Hawk Hill Lp. LOL, Florida, 34639
Nowm what is this, 1895? who the hell writes letters?
by UrsulaBjörn February 15, 2009
laughing out loud, snakes!
the snakes: AHAHAHA!
by the m.c. bat commander May 02, 2005
A term used by homofags to say "laugh out loud"
Goddamn boy! if you say "lol" one more time ill eat your family!!!!!!
by Greg king of spoot August 01, 2005
a person who makes others lol because of his incredible stupidity
-have you seen this guy?
-hahaha what a lols, he is so stupid
by ingriiid December 11, 2006
this definition is a very old one and it means: licking old ladies
me and my friend enjoy lol on the weekends together.
by frm_siren August 19, 2005
How retards spell LOL, the preceding S has completely no meaning and is added in by retards who can't fucking spell for nuts, or who are under 12.
Bob: *finishes telling a joke*
ircn00b: lols
Bob: lols? wtf does the 's' stands for?
ircn00b: donno lols
Bob: ... fucking 13yr olds...
ircn00b: im 12 stupid!!! lols
by The Black Jack October 17, 2006
Something complete irc lamers say, because "lol" just isn't kewl enough and Laughing Out Louds actually makes sense to them
<noob> i completly pawned this n00b on CS lols im so kl
<retard> lols
by X3R0 May 13, 2006