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Lol Que is the half Spanish half English version of Lol Wut.

'Que' means 'what' in English.

Many people pronounce Que like the letter Q. But honestly, these people are complete retards as it is pronounced keh.
Lol Que?
by AnonRMe August 08, 2008
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(Ambiguous of the internet phrase, "lolwut", or, "lol wut")

A term used, often after the presence of "lolwut", to express complete indifference to what the original poster's topic is about, and just to say something. Usually used when someone makes a srs biz topic and you want to imply that nobody cares and the poster needs to take a chill pill.

("lol" refers to the internet acronym for "Laughing out loud" or the like, whereas "que" is the word for "what" in Spanish. The question marks may or may not be used, as most people won't look up how to make the upside-down one anyway.)
noob137: "OMG u r teh srs l053r n00b GTFO and st0p pl4y1ng r00nsk34p plz thX.............."
internet user: INTERNET: Serious business.
internet user 2: "lolwut?"
you: "lolque"
by Ry0wn December 21, 2007

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