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an amazing person who is sweet loving and can make you fall on the floor laughing for 5 minutes and she tends to say your mom as a come back a lot
by rainbowlover1211 February 24, 2010
Loïe: a French name for girls
Loïe tends to be crazy, spontaneous, overall amazing! She is outgoing with close friends, but is shy when she doesn't know you. Be careful, she often feels extremely self conscious and is sensitive. She is extremely intelligent and loves to read and write! Loïe loves theatre, art, and music! (So a band/drama/art geek) If someone likes her, she will not ask them out! She is waay too shy! She's a geek and loves doctor who, also other stuff like that. She is often hyper and loves to laugh. She values her friends with or before her family.

Loïe is my best friend!
by C'est vrai! December 10, 2013
For a trustworthy person to lie. ~can be used in place of a name such as bitch, liar, or spoon stealer.
Ex: loier! you just said you didnt smoke all of it.
by Messeudp_blonde April 01, 2006
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