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Lohana - Indo-Aryan Race that fought the Islamic and Greek invasions in Gujarat, Punjab, Sindh and Afghanistan. Patels stood by and watched.
Lohana traits: tall, musclar work for name not fame and protectppl. in short the gud lukin race of the gujaratis. Patel women luv Lohana men this is fact.
#lohana #luhana #lubana #lohrana #sindhi lohana
by Lohana October 23, 2008
A caste of vegetable sellers from Gujarat. They are inferior to the higher caste Patels. "Lohana" is a term for a Patel-wannabe.
That Lohana thinks he can be as sucessful as a Patel. The joker!!!
by pboy March 31, 2005
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